25-26 October 2017
ADNEC – Abu Dhabi


Company Description

We are leading in the following products: Industrial Products: TIPSA - Lay Flat Hoses For Following Applications, Fire Fighting Nozzles And Associated Equipments, Water / Waste Water Treatment Plants. Airocide, product from NASA: Airocide Photo catalytic Air Sanitation System is the only air sanitizer that completely destroy airborne bacteria, mold, fungi, viruses, volatile organic compounds (VOC’s) & odors. EndScales: Innovative Product to Prevents scale build-up – Protects equipment, Scale build-up causes equipment to malfunction and break down. With EndScale equipment is protected and eliminates unnecessary breakdowns. Addinol Lubricants:

A premium Lubricants provider (fully German) for the Automotive and Industrial needs where customer recognizes “Value for money” and “Results of Quality”.