25-26 October 2017
ADNEC – Abu Dhabi


Company Description

Since we began operations in 1984, two things have powered Moawia Elberier Group (MBG): The passion to excel in the fields we have chosen and our drive to grow and further evolve our capabilities. MBG is currently one of the largest conglomerates in Sudan and MEA, with more than 7,000 employees and over 300 consumer products and services. As a company that holds a leading position in its core market in Sudan and the wider region producing varied products including dairy products, sweet and savoury snacks, biscuits, juices and soft drinks, detergents, stationery, and so much more, we are proud to be in a huge mix of industries. To date, our portfolio of more than 30 companies cover the industrial manufacturing, real estate, mining, plastics, agricultural sectors and more.